Here's the Truth:

There's No Secret to Fewer Clients & a Bigger (Consistent) Pay Day

So why does it feel like you‚Äôre ending yet another month where¬†you worked ‚Äėround the clock asking yourself¬†‚Äúwhere did all the money go?‚ÄĚ

It All Comes Down to Profit

Profits Happen On Purpose

Between performing treatments and providing services, marketing your business to gain and retain clientele, plus managing the day-to-day, it’s all too easy to let admin, like bookkeeping, fall to the bottom of your to-do list, especially when it triggers stress.

Here's What Properly Managing Your Money for Profit

(And On Purpose) Looks Like At the Most Basic Level:


Setting a Strong Financial Foundation You Can Grow and Build On


Knowing How Much Money Is Flowing In and Out on a Monthly Basis


Understanding How Much to Set Aside for Your Needs, Savings, and Taxes

It's Not Always Easy, But it Can Be Simple.

And getting a grasp on your beauty business' bookkeeping is 1000% worth it, here's why:

‚úĒ¬† Take¬†Home Higher¬†Pay - Plain and simple, wouldn't you like to take home more of what you're earning? When you know your numbers, you can see exactly¬†how much you can afford to pay yourself (and how to bump up that number).¬†

‚úĒ¬† Save Yourself Massive Time (and Headaches) -¬†Whether it's bloated business software with more bells and whistles than you need, or intimidation over not knowing business finance that's keeping you bogged down, ditching all that for a simplified system is the key to making monthly bookkeeping a task that takes mere minutes.¬†

‚úĒ¬† Protect What You've Built -¬†You've heard the horror stories about tax penalties, audits...need we say more? Proper bookkeeping ensures you're prepared and protected for a variety of scenarios.¬†

‚úĒ¬† Act¬†Like a True Business Owner -¬†If you ever want to hire, expand, or sell your business, a solid understanding and record of your finances are going to be the first thing you need to grow and scale.¬†

You've Heard

More Money, More Problems...

But That Only Applies If You Don’t Know How to Manage It 


While there is a bit more to business finance than simply money in and money out, when you have the right system, tools, and tech on your side, effective money management can truly be a simple AND streamlined monthly task (no more all-nighters come tax season crunching your numbers from the past year praying to Uncle Sam that you’ll make it to deadline). 


Get Me the System!

"I finished the Pretty Profitable course, and WOW. LOVE IT! Quickbooks was really overwhelming for me, especially when I took it back after firing my accountant, and this was just amazing."

Kat, Exquisite Skin



Pretty Profitable

The Ultimate Money Management Solution & Financial Tracking System for Solo Beauty Professionals


Gain Financial Confidence

You’re already a bonafide beauty expert, now it’s time to get confident on the business-side of your practice. Dive into four training modules where you’ll learn how to read your numbers like a pro and use them to help your business and bank account grow. 


Unlock a Proven System

Stop second-guessing what numbers you need, where they belong, and how they calculate together. Pretty Profitable will outline the proven financial system you need to see what money is coming in, where it’s going out, and how you can pay yourself more.


Get Done-For-You Tools

The Pretty Profitable plug-and-play spreadsheet puts all your financials in a gorgeous, easy-to-read dashboard, and our annual Profit & Loss Statement plus Mileage Tracker makes tax time and maximizing savings a breeze. 


Lifetime Access & Support

When you sign up for Pretty Profitable, you get lifetime access to the training modules and spreadsheet system, plus all future updates. And you'll receive ongoing support as you put Pretty Profitable to work in your beauty business. 


Take a Look Inside

Here's What You'll Learn With Pretty Profitable

Module 1

Get Set for Success

Before diving into your numbers, we’re first going to go over all the key elements you need for a strong and stable foundation that will set you up for financial and money management success as you grow.

Module 2

Understanding Your Books

Let’s demystify the financial industry lingo and ensure you  comprehend all the critical pieces you need to know regarding bookkeeping so you can stay on top of your numbers without the stress. 

Module 3

Stress-Free Spreadsheets

This is where the magic happens! In this training, we’ll walk you through how to use your Pretty Profitable spreadsheet, dashboard, and tools so you never have to stress over complicated accounting software ever again!

Module 4

Managing Your Money

Get ready for growth as you learn to manage your money like a boss (i.e. you can finally start paying yourself, setting aside money for taxes, and learn how to put more profit in your pocket for business or personal goals)!

Here's What Happens

When You Have Pretty Profitable Working in Your Beauty Business

‚úĒ¬†¬†Consistent Pay Days -¬†¬†Stop the cycle of paying yourself last (or not at all) and instead know exactly how much you can afford to comfortably and reliably pay yourself every single month.

‚úĒ¬†¬†More In Your Savings -¬†Security lies in the savings! Pretty Profitable will show you exactly how much you need to allot to your various accounts so that you've always got the right amount of cash on hand when you need it.¬†

‚úĒ¬†¬†Less Hustling for Clients -Newsflash, you may not actually need as many new clients as you think. Understanding where you revenue¬†is coming from will show you how to keep more coming in consistently with less hustle.

‚úĒ¬† More Time to Do What You Love -¬†Spend less time untangling the tech of bookkeeping software or crunching your numbers into a calculator.¬†Let Pretty Profitable save you precious hours spent stressing over the month's worth of business admin¬†you've been putting on the backburner.

‚úĒ¬†¬†Skyrocketed Confidence -¬†You'll just have to¬†experience it for yourself, but¬†knowing how to work your books is not only a big sigh of relief, but a huge boost of confidence in your CEO capabilities.¬†

"I absolutely love the spreadsheet! It is so easy to navigate. I’m working my way through the course, so far it has been great. I love that you broke everything down into bite sized pieces."

Bekki, Bekki Roy Hair Studio

"I’m in LOVE with your course! I’ve been learning bookkeeping for the last 4 months with QuickBooks and that learning curve is a beast! I appreciate a simple, but effective spreadsheet!"

Natasha, The Postpartum Skin Coach
Time to Enter Your "Stress Less, Profit More" Era

Get Pretty Profitable

Only a One-Time Payment of


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  • 4 Finance and Money Management¬†Training Modules
  • The Pretty Profitable Money Management System¬†
  • The Pretty Profitable Plug-and-Play Spreadsheet + Tools
  • Lifetime Access + Ongoing Support
  • Two Bonuses to Help You Navigate Business Legal Set-Up and Taxes¬†
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But What About Taxes?

We've Got You! These Must-Have Bonuses Go Beyond Bookkeeping to Ensure Every Base is Covered


Business Set-Up 101

Whether you're on the cusp of starting your business, or you're in the beginning stages and want to get legit, the Business Set-Up 101 Bonus will walk you through setting up a solid business foundation, which is a non-negotiable for building a financially sound business.


Getting Clear on Taxes

Tax time comes for us all, but with this bonus workshop featuring our guest expert, Vanessa Linenberger, CPA, you're going to be prepped and ready so you're completely confident when it's time to file. 

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Creator of Pretty Profitable

Hi, I'm Meagan!

I'm a former esthetician and bookkeeper, so when I say I know how to work the numbers in your beauty business, I mean it because I’ve lived it. 


You likely started your beauty business with the dream of time and financial freedom, but if you don’t know your numbers, finding that freedom is going to feel like an uphill battle.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be (and you also don’t need to learn to become a bookkeeper either)! 

My deepest passion in my work is helping beauty professionals like you understand and effectively manage your finances so you can not only grow the business of your dreams, but start paying yourself the salary that allows you to live the life of your dreams, too. 

Yes, we're in business because we love it...

But we also need to make money, and too often I see the stress of managing that money break beauty business owners down. 

You took the risk and the leap into business ownership, you’re the one putting in the sweat equity to make it successful, and you deserve to pay yourself a solid salary.

I’m here to help you do that (minus the stress and confusing software). 

Financial Freedom is Waiting for You

Here's Your Path to Getting Pretty Profitable


Join Pretty Profitable

Click the button below and sign up to access the training modules, spreadsheet system and tools to make your bookkeeping a breeze.


Set Up Your System

Watch the tutorials for utilizing the Pretty Profitable spreadsheet system and start plugging in your numbers to get your books up to date.


Build Your Habit

Set aside a little time on your calendar each month to plug in, review and project your numbers so you always know the financial health of your business.


7 Days, Risk-Free

No Worries, No Hassle 

If you're considering getting Pretty Profitable, we know you're taking your purchase seriously, and while we're serious about how amazing Pretty Profitable is (and what it can help you do for your beauty business), we're only happy if you are. If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know within 7 days and we'll provide a full refund.

This is for you if:

‚úĒ¬† You're an independent beauty professional (some of our students include aestheticians, hairstylists, makeup artists, lash artists, cosmetic nurses, permanent makeup artists + more!) who wants to¬†take home more of what you're earning

‚úĒ¬† You're a sole proprietor or single-member LLC

‚úĒ¬† You are not running payroll in your business

This is not for you if:

✗  You aren't committed to doing a little bit of upfront work to learn the basics of business finance and get your Pretty Profitable spreadsheet system set up for success

✗  You are a multi-member LLC and would need to split owner's earnings and profit 

✗  You are running payroll in your business and have a team of staff/employees

"Love the spreadsheet! So helpful!!!"

Casey, Flourish Holistic Hair Studio

"Started putting some numbers in the spreadsheet, and it is GOLD. Now I know why I never have any money in my salon account."

Brileigh, The Hair Bar

"I started using the spreadsheet and OMG, I love it. It is so detailed. It is perfect. Thank you for creating such a masterpiece."

Nichole, In His Image Skin & Wellness

An Investment Now That Pays Dividends Later

It doesn't matter the state of the economy, the number of years you've been working in the industry, or the amount of time you've officially been in business (or thinking of starting one). The best time to get clear and organized with your business' finances was yesterday and the second-best time is today. Pretty Profitable exists so you can take all the guesswork out of the equation, and instead see where your money is at and where it's going.

Let's Get Started!

The A's to Your FAQs

The Time Has Come

Now Is Your Moment of Ultimate Money Truth 

I know money management isn't the glamorous part of being a business owner, but if you *do* want to experience the true perks of business ownership (the freedom to call the shots, set your own schedule, and make bank while you're at it), knowing your numbers is simply a non-negotiable. 

Let Me Ask You This:

‚úĒ¬† What will it take to finally face your finances? (A big tax bill/penalty, an audit,¬†a credit card statement that feels out of control?)
‚úĒ¬† How much longer are you willing to work without having a reliable amount hitting your personal checking account every month?
‚úĒ¬† How much debt are you willing to rack up in pursuit of your dreams?

I ask these questions not to scare you, but to show you how critical it is to get smart with your money so your business can stick around (and grow!) for years to come. 

And beyond the scary stuff, the real truth of the matter is that you deserve to see your hard work pay off and have it pay you well.

Ready For More Profit In Your Pocket?

Join Pretty Profitable Today

Only a One-Time Payment of


or payment plans available at checkout

  • 4 Finance and Money Management¬†Training Modules
  • The Pretty Profitable Money Management System¬†
  • The Pretty Profitable Plug-and-Play Spreadsheet + Tools
  • Lifetime Access + Ongoing Support
  • Two Bonuses to Help You Navigate Business Legal Set-Up and Taxes¬†
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