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Want to put more money in your pocket

...without feeling like you're working 24/7?


Making money doing what you love doesn't have to be so complicated

Do you feel like you’re working non-stop, but unable to pay yourself very much, or even at all? Or maybe you’re even bringing in good money, but none of it seems to go into your pockets, let alone your savings account. 

Are you overwhelmed with all the admin work and the “business” side of things, making you question whether you are even cut out to be a business owner? Or does your business feel more like a side hustle than a legit beauty business, no matter how hard you work?

If so, it’s time to change that.
Imagine if you could...
  • Enjoy Consistent Pay Days -  Break the cycle of paying yourself last (or not at all) and enjoy a comfortable and reliable income every single month. (Yes, please.)
  • Put More In Your Savings -  Learn exactly how much you need to allot to your various accounts so that you always have the right amount of cash on hand when you need it. 
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder -  Know where your revenue is coming from so you can bring in consistent money (or even grow your business) with less hustle. 
  • Spend More Time Doing What You Love - Spend less time buried in financial admin work (and frantically crunching numbers) and more time doing what you love.  
  • Make Better Business Decisions - Be the badass beauty pro you are, and finally, make business decisions from a place of confidence rather than fear (or guessing).

Good news—You CAN! 

As a former solo beauty pro, I know how overwhelming the financial side of running a business can be. Since becoming a bookkeeper, I know there is a better way—and it doesn’t involve complex systems or software.

Say hello to more profit and less stress with Pretty Profitable!
Whoever Says "More Money, More Problems"


While there is a bit more to business finance than simply money in and money out, when you have the right system and tools on your side, effective money management can truly be a simple AND streamlined monthly task (no more all-nighters come tax season crunching your numbers from the past year praying to Uncle Sam that you’ll make the deadline).

When you get your money right...

Stressing over money (or ignoring it altogether)
Having clarity and confidence around your business finances

Rarely (if ever) having money left for yourself
Paying yourself consistently (and well!)

Working around the clock to make a living
Working smarter to take home more money

Feeling like you have a side hustle
Being a legit business owner

Worrying about taxes and how much you owe
Knowing you’re ready when tax time comes
Ready to go from struggling beauty pro to confident business owner?

Introducing Pretty Profitable!

A simple yet effective system designed to help independent beauty professionals go from feeling stressed about money to enjoying a consistent payday and being confident about their business finances.
Finally, Money Management Made Simple.

Learn everything you need to know to organize your finances (and keep them that way), pay yourself consistently, and approach tax time with ease—all in just 3 easy-to-follow modules.

By the end of the program, you’ll…

  • Know how to track and categorize your finances using our simple spreadsheet
  • Be able to make sense of the numbers so that you can make smarter business decisions
  • Understand how to increase your profits and put more money in the bank

No more stressing. No more avoiding. No more wasting time.

Grow your business and bank account

Learn the essentials of your business finances through easy-to-understand language, short digestible videos, and convenient tools and resources.


Get access to a member-only community where you can connect with other independent beauty pros who are here to support you every step of the way!


Make sense of your finances with our plug-and-play spreadsheet so you can track and review your essential numbers using an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-read system.


Enjoy lifetime access, plus any future updates. You'll also receive ongoing support as you put Pretty Profitable to work in your beauty business.

Let's break it down...

Setup for Success (Made Simple)

Before diving into your numbers, it helps to know the basics. Learn all the key elements you need for a strong and stable foundation without the complex lingo and convoluted examples. This is an essential step to your success with financial confidence and money management as you grow.

In module one, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of financial management and why it's so important
  • Expert tips for setting your business up for financial success
  • The best banking setup to help you cut unnecessary expenses, save for taxes, and pay yourself consistently

Know Your Numbers (And Thrive)

Tracking your finances can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. We've created a super simple system designed just for beauty pros so you can stay on top of your finances without unnecessary stress or fear. The spreadsheet will help you go from surviving to thriving in your business.

In module two, you’ll learn:

  • How to easily and accurately use the Pretty Profitable spreadsheet
  • How to set goals and track your progress
  • How to read the chart and graphs so you understand exactly what you need to do for financial success and avoid financial stress

Manage Your Money (Like a Boss)

Learn to manage your money like a boss, so you can get paid like a boss! Now that you know how to track your finances, you can start making better decisions that benefit your business and bring you home more money. You’ll be feeling like a legit business owner—and being paid like one too—in no time.

In module three, you’ll learn:

  • How to manage cash flow in your business with ease
  • The importance of knowing your margins and how they affect your bottom line
  • How to increase your profit so you can take home more money and grow your business
  • How to pay yourself consistently, even if you experience fluctuating income

Weekly Accountability Sessions

With Pretty Profitable, you have an open invitation to join us for a weekly Zoom co-working session to help you set aside dedicated time to work on your business, instead of in your business. 


Use this time to update your bookkeeping, schedule social media posts, or catch up on business tasks while having others there to help you stay focused and on task.

Get Pretty Profitable today!
Finally, a Simplified Solution.
  • 3 Easy-to-Follow Money Management Training Modules
  • Stress-Free Income + Expense Tracking Spreadsheet Designed for Beauty Pros
  • Learning Library with Additional Modules on Taxes and Organization
  • Beauty Business Setup Guide
  • Weekly Accountability Sessions
  • Lifetime Access and Support
  • Access to Member-Only Community

Interest-free payment plans available at checkout

Did I mention the Learning Library?

When you join Pretty Profitable, you also get access to our Learning Library full of even more resources and tools to help you stop stressing and start stepping into your potential as a successful beauty business owner.


Taxes 101

Don‘t let taxes stress you out. Instead, learn the basics of taxes and how they affect your business so you can be better prepared when it’s time to file. This module includes a collection of easy-to-follow videos covering everything from learning the different types of taxes you may owe and when and where to pay them to understanding quarterly taxes and if you should be paying them.


Get Organized

It’s time to get your business organized! Running a business takes a lot of work, but streamlining your approach and managing can be the difference between thriving and burning out. Learn from someone who’s been there (and avoid making the mistakes I did) so you can better manage your time, tasks, and all the things.


Beauty Business Setup Guide

Are you getting ready to go solo? Whether you're fresh out of school or leaving a job, this video will guide you through the steps of setting up your brand new beauty biz, including choosing an entity, getting an EIN, opening a business bank account, setting up systems for bookkeeping and capturing sales, and more!

The 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee
We're behind you 100%!

I am fully committed to providing exceptional training that positively impacts my students and their businesses.

If you are not completely satisfied with the content and features inside Pretty Profitable, simply send an email to us at [email protected] for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked.

If the ONLY thing keeping you from taking action and investing in your business is fear of "Can I do this?" or "Will it work for me?" know that I stand behind this guarantee 100% because I am committed to giving my students the best possible experience. If it doesn't work for you, I'm here to make it right.


Hi! I'm Meagan


I'm an Esthetician-turned-bookkeeper, so when I say I know how to work the numbers in your beauty business, I mean it. I’ve been there, made the mistakes, and learned how to fix them (the right way). 

And now I’m excited to help independent beauty professionals like you skip the stress and avoid the mistakes I made by learning how to understand and effectively manage your finances. 

You don’t have to become a certified bookkeeper like I did—or even hire one! I created Pretty Profitable to provide you with an accessible, simplified approach to learning the basics of business finance and managing your money with ease. Whether you’re looking to (finally) pay yourself a consistent and sustainable income or grow the business of your dreams (or, let’s be honest, both), I’ve got your back. 

This was *literally* made for you if you...

  • Are an independent hairstylist, esthetician, makeup artist, lash artist, cosmetic nurse, permanent makeup artist, or any other independent beauty professional
  • Operate as a sole proprietor or single-member LLC
  • Do not run payroll for anyone in your business
If you check those boxes, you're in the right place.
I can't wait to help you get Pretty Profitable!
Ready to get your money right?


It doesn't matter the state of the economy, the number of years you've been working in the industry, or the amount of time you've officially been in business (or thinking of starting one). The best time to get clear and organized with your business' finances is now—not tomorrow, not in 3 months, not once you have X number of clients. 

With Pretty Profitable, it’s never been easier to get started. 

I created Pretty Profitable to take all the guesswork out of the equation, so you can finally have clarity and confidence about where your money is at and where it's going.

When you have a better grasp of your finances, you can put more money in your pocket, achieve new personal and professional goals, or simply enjoy more freedom over your time—the choice is yours! 

Still have questions?
I've got answers.
Get Pretty Profitable today!
  • 3 Easy-to-Follow Money Management Training Modules
  • Stress-Free Income + Expense Tracking Spreadsheet Designed for Beauty Pros
  • Learning Library with Additional Modules on Taxes and Organization
  • Beauty Business Setup Guide
  • Weekly Accountability Sessions
  • Lifetime Access and Support
  • Access to Member-Only Community

Interest-free payment plans available at checkout

Wait, You're Still Here?

You can continue stressing over your money… or you can access Pretty Profitable, the solution you’ve been waiting for.